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PSE FFM Toolbox General Information

Since PSE IA Toolbox is directed to factory floor personnel, we refer to it, alternatively, as Factory Floor Management Toolbox or FFM Toolbox (in contrast to PSE Toolbox). FFM Toolbox is intended to assist production managers to analyze their production systems performance, design continuous improvement projects, and evaluate their results. The inputs to all tools are machine and buffer parameters (in most cases, machine cycle time, MTTF and MTTR, and buffer capacity). The outputs are:
  • Evaluated throughput, work-in-process, finished goods inventory, frequencies of machines blockages and starvations, etc.
  • Identified bottleneck.
  • Calculated lean buffering.
  • Optimal work force allocation.
  • Optimal buffer capacity allocation.
  • Optimal number of carriers in closed production lines.
  • Release rate of raw material to ensure the desired production time.

All tools are described in the companion textbook: J. Li, S.M. Meerkov, and L. Zhang, Production Systems Engineering for Factory Floor Management, WingSpan Press, 2012.

This demo is set up to handle production systems with up to five machines. To request a full version, click here.